May 8

Romp Around This Summer!


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Rompers are a hot trend, and it looks like they’ll be around for quite a while, especially here on the coast. Have you been wanting to rock a romper? It can be tricky to find the right look and fit, but our Queen Bee, Julie, has some pro tips to help you out:


“If you’re one of the girls that hasn’t jumped on the romper bandwagon yet, you’re in good company … it’s still a relatively new look for some of us. (Confession: I just tried one on for the first time a few months ago, shh don’t tell anyone!)  I love sharing what we learn in the fitting room, along with great tips we get from customers – and it would be irresponsible NOT to share!



Fitting Room Tips:


Raise your Hands for Great Style!

Can you comfortably raise your arms above your head?  Granted, you won’t do that all day long – but you don’t want to be unable to, or be visibly uncomfortable, when you do need to lift your arms.


Have a Seat and Relax!

Can you sit down and cross your legs without getting, er, uncomfortable?  Sitting down IS something you’ll want to do – say, oh, driving, dining or relaxing!  You don’t want spectators.  Well wait, yes you do – but because you rocked it and not because you couldn’t sit down.



Great Tips from Customers:


Double Take!

Love your romper look and don’t want to wait until it hits its rotation from the closet again? Add a belt and a cardigan to change it up.


Dress it Up!

Rompers can be worn from Beach to Bar.  Accessories define a look, so just change ‘em up. Wear your romper with flip flops and throw your hair in a messy bun for the beach, then swap those out for a clutch, wedges and a long necklace to rock it in the evening.”



Now go forth with confidence and rock that romper you’ve been wanting to try!

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